Why Exercise Alone is not the Solution to Weight Loss

John Wanjohi weighed 80.3 Kg and had been diabetes medication for over 7 years.  It has taken a toll over his thoughts, health and financial life. Wanjohi had been a gym fanatic for over 20 years but had no idea that the management of his weight and diet was the solution to his diabetic condition.

Eventually, he decided to improve the quality of his life by enrolling for a weight loss and spot reduction program at VLCC Wellness Centre. That was in April 2015. This was to manage his weight loss, diabetes and ultimately transform his UN-managed diet.

He began his journey by doing a complete body composition analysis that gave detailed results that included among others; his body weight, body fats and his metabolism.


His weight started dropping day after day. In 10 weeks, he had lost 10 kilograms! He dropped the flabby fat on his neck, chest and waist.  He began to feel more confident and energized from the daily meal plans. He was able to stop the medication and his blood sugar went back to normal after the lifestyle modification at VLCC.

The Scientific weight loss program included appliance sessions for improved blood circulation and nerve stimulation, diet modification customized to his metabolic rate and personalized work out sessions. His nutritionist, Diana Baru explained at length and in detail, the consequences of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the importance of healthy eating choices and regular exercise.

Through the Program Wanjohi feels a completely new and transformed person and he recommends anyone who has weight/lifestyle condition to join VLCC which has an awesome team dedicated in guiding clients on how to transform their lives.

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