VLCC Wellness Centre – A Destination For All Your Beauty Needs!

When recently I got the event invite from VLCC, I thought finally I can have a weight loss session with them. That’s the first thing that strike us when we hear about VLCC – Slimming and Weight Loss. But that was proved wrong when I attended the beauty and personal care session event with the VLCC experts at their centre in Bangalore.

Beauty Services

We received the warmest welcome by the entire VLCC team. They were much courteous too. I can see the posters related to skin, hair etc. along with some refreshments like fruit bowl, cupcakes etc. The entire ambience was quite warm and friendly as I sat along with my fellow bloggers who were as much intrigued as me. Once the session started with the entrance of specialist we got to know more about the services offered by VLCC Wellness Centre and about all the issues they deal with in the centre. As it’s summer the main talk was on sun protection regimes, later on followed by hair fall issues, acne and weight management, which was followed by a complimentary hand and foot massage to all of us. Not just that they do even offer services like Beauty services, Salon services, Laser & Dermat services. They have beauty products line which includes facial kits, skin whitening products, sun protection, anti ageing products, lip balms etc.


The most trendiest facial is been done at VLCC – Vampire Facial. I was bit surprised when I came to know that. Vampire Facial is famous because of Kardashians which is nothing but a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) a form of blood taken out from your skin and applied to your face with derma roller which encourages cellular growth, stimulates healing and imparts a youthful appearance of skin. Treatments like Derma Heal Eye Treatment to reduce visible signs of ageing and Visionergy to minimise superficial signs of ageing is done even.

Hair Fall

I am glad to know that VLCC is not just a slimming and weight loss centre; it is a one stop destination for all our Beauty and personal care needs from skin, hair to body.


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Beauty Queries Answered by Experts at VLCC Nagpur Bloggers Meet

Nagpur’s popular hair, skin and slimming center at VLCC was the venue for an interactive beauty Q&A #vlccstylestatements session. Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers got together at VLCC Nagpur for an enlightening talk on popular beauty queries and cutting edge advancements in skin and hair care. I put forth a number of questions on behalf of DCW India readers and Sushmita Verma, Category Head – Beauty, was happy to answer them all! I list here for you all your beauty concerns answered.


VLCC for Slimming Only?

Before we move on to the beauty queries, let us get this straight once and for all. Debunking the popular myth, the meet opened up VLCC’s scope of work for everyone! Check out their state of the art massage rooms and pedicure stations below.


From a simple pedicure starting from INR 500+, facials upwards of INR 800+ to their Medavita hair treatments, they have answers to all your queries – and with a devoted personalized solution just for your skin or hair. From minimally invasive, non-surgical anti-aging treatments to the popular Vampire facials for de-pigmentation, they offer them all. The costs involved cleared another myth about VLCC that they are beyond the reach of our wallets. Quite the opposite, we say!


Expert Solutions for Your Beauty Queries

Many of you who connect with DCW India and Fabulous Mom Life on social media put forth your beauty concerns. Sushmita Verma took them up one by one with VLCC Nagpur head Sapna Saxena joining her. Here’s what they had to say.

  1. Is sunscreen required indoors too?

Yes! Even the rays emitted from the lights in your house can tan you. Not only is applying sunscreen a must, it is also important to re-apply sunscreen every few hours because a sunscreen only works for a few hours depending upon its SPF. If you use a scarf/cloth to cover your face when out in the sun, make sure to wash the cloth regularly. Additionally, go for anti-tan scrubs and moisturizing facials.


  1. Frizzy hair in Indian summers.

The reason your hair is frizzy is because it lacks moisture. Using a good conditioner the right way – that is not on the scalp but on the length of the hair.


  1. Remedies for Damaged Hair

Other than keeping your hair clean, taking care of it with massages and hair spa treatments, VLCC also has a superior hair treatment called Medavita which combats dry, damaged hair as well as hair fall.


  1. Tips for Oily Skin

Do not be under the impression that washing your skin several times a day helps with the oil on your face. Moisturizing is important for oily skin too. Use a water or gel based moisturizer as well as a sunscreen. Exfoliate regularly and keep your skin clean.


  1. Under eye dark circles

It is important to find out the reason why you have dark circles. It could be because of lack of sleep or even hereditary factors. The Visionergy treatment specifically targets under eye circles, puffiness and signs of aging.


  1. Major hair fall after childbirth

Hair fall after childbirth is not a generic problem and differs from person to person. Lactation and deficiencies post pregnancy vary and only through a test can the best solution for each person be determined. Dietary supplements along with hair treatments like Hair PRP and Derma Rollers are recommended.


  1. Cracked Heels in summer

A Paraffin Wax pedicure or an at-home pedicure kit by VLCC is the best way to cure cracked heels.


  1. Beginning skincare post 30 when you haven’t cared for it at all so far

Begin a CTM routine i.e. cleansing, toning and moisturizing, ASAP. There cannot be a time soon enough to start this routine. Follow the routine without fail every day and you will start seeing a difference in your skin very soon.


What Makes VLCC Stand Out


It was very clear after the session that VLCC aces the beauty industry because of their one-on-one approach. None of their skin or beauty care solutions were ‘cookie cutter’ or generic. Their emphasis on the required tests to find out more about your skin, scalp, lifestyle and even hereditary factors before performing even the simplest of facials says a lot about how well they use advancements in skincare technologies to deliver a complete wellness solution. VLCC has a great service to start with. It is called a DNA Skin service. It shows what your skin and hair is pre-disposed to.



The next thing was at the competitive prices that they have, they are providing superlative service. Hygiene is very important for correct skincare and VLCC does not skimp on it. For example, they use disposable sheets for you to lie upon even for a basic level clean up costing around INR 500. They are stringent about not using any kind of towels or cloth on your face. They only use disposable tissues, cotton, gowns, headbands and sheets for all their services.

VLCC Style Statements

makeup studio

I had first visited VLCC ages ago along with a cousin who was then undergoing a weight loss program, and I’ve always associated VLCC to be just a slimming service center. Then last year they had a meet up where they introduced us to DNA Skin based skin care and anti aging treatments, which kind of expanded my knowledge about the center. A couple of week’s back VLCC had a bloggers meet in Hyderabad to introduce everyone about their range of services and products.


The meet-up started off with an introduction to their Category Manager Mrs. Sushmita Verma, who would be giving us the talk about all the services, after which we were given a tour of the entire facility. From having an Ayurveda therapy room to a gym room, they had it all. They pride themselves in having minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures and the team explained how seriously they take ethical responsibility to be their main concern. They even had a counselor on board to provide counseling to customers before they undertook any procedure, and to make sure they were opting for them for the right reasons.


The services that they provide range from slimming, beauty services, salon services, laser and dermat services. Some of the best ones are:

Vampire facelift: If you have dull and sallow looking skin, maintaining a glowing skin is hard work. Platelet rich plasma is a form of blood plasma, taken from your own blood that has been enriched with platelets and growth factors and applied to your face with derma roller to stimulate growth and healing on the required parts giving them a youthful radiance.

salon services


An intensely concentrated treatment, Visionergy is engineered to tackle problems commonly faced in the eye contour area. Powered by a blend of potent actives, 3 combinative actions work holistically and penetrate deep into the skin to promote regeneration for an astounding skin transformation. Visionergy minimizes and aids in addressing current superficial signs of aging while simultaneously performing at a deeper level to prevent the formation of future skin flaws. Skin feels plumper, firmer and denser to the touch and a natural luminosity emerges. A soothing action targets eye bags and puffiness to revitalize the entire eye area, smoothing out skin and giving the eye contours a minimized appearance of wrinkles and lines.


Gold thread Lift

The procedure uses a unique implantation technique whereby micro-fine gold threads are inserted into the skin with a needle. One single treatment completes the procedure that lasts between 60 to 90 minutes. An invisible gold web is weaved to hold the facial tissues in place and prevent sagging of the skin or wrinkle formation. The thread is made up of real 24 karat gold, which tightens and rejuvenates the face, giving it a fresh and appealing look.


Derma heal eye treatment

This is an eye filler treatment, exclusively formulated with innovative bio actives. It dramatically reduces the visible signs of ageing around eye area by instant wrinkle filling effect. 24 hour-lasting hydration improves skin texture and boosts radiance.


Lash extension and micro blading coming soon

If you’re looking for a long-term solution for your scarce or tiny lashes then here’s where you need to be. They can fix you lashes which will stay for a good 15-18 months and you can stop worrying about mascara or wearing your false lashes every day. Another new service is micro blading, wherein they set your eyebrows in proper shape, give a beautiful color (maybe, natural pink) to your lips, so you when you wake up every morning, you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing make up to look naturally mesmerizing!

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VLCC Meet Experience & Beauty FAQ’s

Hello, everyone…I recently got to the attend the VLCC bloggers meet at Lucknow on 13th April. Before this event, I always associated VLCC with slimming services and manufacturer of personal care products. But this meet was an eye-opener as I learned what VLCC is all about.

VLCC offers a broad spectrum of services apart from being a slimming center. It offers Salon, Dermat and Laser Services. The best thing about them is that they do not give suggestions based on conjectures as they believe that every person has different body structure. The clients are generally tested and then offered services accordingly.

Laser Services

Coming to the meet all the girls were given a warm welcome and since this was my first meet I was quite nervous but the team was quite friendly. We were offered nutritious drink and snacks which were mostly sprouts and fruits.


We had a question answer session where every girl got answered her beauty concerns by beauty specialists Sushmita ma’am- Category Manager Beauty and Meena Singh ma’am. The session stretched quite long due to the plethora of questions thrown. It was an interesting session and I’ll share some of the things which I learned during it.


What is Vampire Facial?

I was in shock when I heard this word for the first time. It is actually Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).The blood is taken from a person’s arm and plasma is separated from the red and white blood cells in a centrifuge. Since the plasma is rich in platelets it has a rich growth factor and is then injected into the face to remove wrinkles and get a more youthful effect. This trend is quite popularized by Kim Kardashian.

How to tackle problems in eye contour area?

Try going for visionary, an intensely concentrated treatment. Powered actives penetrate deep into skin to promote skin regeneration. It addresses superficial signs of aging and prevents the formation of future problems in that area. Try this treatment at VLCC.

How to deal with under eye wrinkles?

Go for Derma Heal Eye Treatment which is basically an eye filler treatment formulated with bio actives. It provides wrinkle filling effect and reduces signs of aging. This treatment is available at VLCC.

How to deal with super oily skin?

Try maintaining a healthy diet and always rub a cube of ice after cleansing and then apply toner. This will shrink the pores and help control oil. Try the VLCC toner for more effective result.

How to deal with chemically treated hair?

Try providing good nourishment to hair. Strengthen roots by regular oiling. If due to hair coloring or something else, the ends of the hair are extremely damaged then get the ends or that colored section of hair chop off. Also get a good hair spa at VLCC to nourish hair from within.

Should we wear sunscreen indoors? How frequently should it be applied?

A person should always wear a sunscreen indoors as well. The artificial lighting and rays from laptop screen also damage our skin.
They should be applied at least half an hour prior to leaving house and reapplication is also required. One can choose timings like 9 am, 3 pm, and 6 pm to reapply it.

Why do some sunscreens leave a white cast?

The presence of Titanium and zinc oxide are responsible for the white cast certain sunscreens give as they act as a reflector.

Why dirty hair leads to hair fall? How to prevent it?

Sweating causes deposition of salt in the scalp which actually causes hair fall. The best way to prevent is to keep our scalp clean on regular basis.

How to Stop Hair Fall

Does more lathering of shampoo means better cleansing?

Not at all. This is a general myth that more lather a shampoo forms, better the product. But this only indicates the presence of more SLS in it which actually makes hair dry.

How to deal with hair patches? Is there any homemade remedy?

It is better to get a hair transplant done to make the area appear denser. Try the Stem Cells autologous regrowth treatment by VLCC which is an effective hair loss treatment. Homemade remedies may or may not work but transplant is a sure shot treatment.

Wellness and Beauty Session at VLCC

I have always ignored my skin care routine since I was a teenager. I was very lazy to even apply a sunscreen before heading out. My skin has always been normal to oily so I did not even bother to use moisturiser before. It’s been quite some time now that I have started to take care of my skin on the regular. It happened when I started getting acne on my face due to open pores, dust, pollution and excess oil on my face.


I started doing CTM since a year back and not many people knew about it. For instance, I skipped the moisturising step in summers and jumped directly to the sunscreen most of the times. But after attending the VLCC event, I am sure I was skipping out on something really important.


Let me introduce CTM to those readers who have no idea about what it is and how it works. CTM is basically cleansing, moisturising and toning. This is the only thing which will help your skin to improve, only if you follow it religiously, no skipping girls. No matter what your skin type is – dry, oily or normal you ought to bring this change in your routine from today itself. The benefit of following CTM was unknown before, but now it should be the part of one’s lifestyle.

Weight Loss


Cleansing is the first, foremost step which is basic and very common one that almost everyone follows. I prefer using foam free cleanser since my skin is oily. Cleansing also includes wiping your makeup off with a Makeup remover or olive/coconut oil and then washing your face off with a cleanser. Make sure that your cleanser is mild if you have breakout prone skin. Avoid strong products with harsh chemicals on your face. Also, I recommend using a mild scrub to shed the dead cells twice in a week for your face & body. This will leave your skin smooth and fresh.


Toning is the very essential for each and every one. This is my favorite step. Most of the women out there aren’t aware of the benefits of toning. Let me tell you that toning is something which helps you to clean your pores and reduces the chances of breakouts, helps you get rid of dead cells what else do you want in life girls? No to acne problems and dull skin issues. I have literally seen a difference in my skin to what it was like a year back. It’s much better now if you ask me as to what it was like before. We cannot stop going out in the sun and pollution, but we can take precautions and reduce the chances of breaking out. Toning also helps to reduce the blackheads and whiteheads formation on your skin. Use a cotton ball and clear your skin out with a toner, you will see the pore residues/ impurities right on the cotton ball when you’re done, that means your skin is still not clean after cleansing. It needs a little extra care and attention. So, this step is worth your time. Get a radiant, flawless skin right after this step.


After you’re done with cleansing and toning the next step is moisturising which I use to skip and thought it wasn’t a big deal since I had oily skin but I was wrong. I came to know the benefits of moisturising my face after attending the VLCC event, that cleansing and toning leave your pores open and skin might start looking patchy if you don’t use a moisturiser after that. Even if your skin is oily, moisturising is very essential to balance the natural oils. I am using non-greasy moisturiser from vlcc which helps in controlling acne & excess sebum secretion, leaving my skin radiant & matte. I apply it twice a day and the results are visible. My skin has gone very supple like a baby.

Acne Treatment

After this another important step is to protect your skin by applying sunscreen 365 days a year, no matter wherever you are. This should be done every day. This was the point which was stressed upon the most during the VLCC event. sunscreen is like a shield which protects you from the harmful UV rays, pollution and dust in the air. It helps to prevent skin discoloration and blotchiness.
So follow CTM twice a day and see the results yourself. You can thank me later.


Another issue which is very common these days is of dark circles.
The dark discoloration under our eyes can be because of many obvious reasons like it can be heredity, stress, bad lifestyle or unhealthy diet. Though it is not a serious problem but if you don’t take care of it, it might get worse and make you look tired, dull and unhealthy pretty much all the time.


The best remedy which I follow is to use an under-eye gel which should be stored in the refrigerator for the best results. Gently massage it under and above your eyes before going to bed. It will give you a soothing cold relaxed effect. Introduce this step to your daily routine you will definitely see good results. Avoid using your phones or laptops after this process as it may not give you the desired results.


Another easy remedy that I indulge in after removing my makeup is use of rose water. Take chilled rose water, soak the cotton balls in it and put them on your eyelids for about 10-12 minutes and you are good to go. It is so relaxing especially in summers its the best part of the day. Your eyes will feel refreshed and rejuvenate in no time.


Check out their website for skin tips and welfare products.


VLCC Wellness: 5 Things I Learned from My Recent Visit to VLCC

All About VLCC Wellness

With a set of pristine white spa and massage rooms filled with the floral scent and a promise of indulgence, mani-pedi and makeup stations, VLCC is sure worth a trip. And that’s not all, with its skin and hair care experts, bridal packages and a range of wellness products, VLCC offers, as they like to call it, a 360-degree full-rounded wellness.



The blogger’s meet and pampering session I went there for on Thursday started with a tour around their spa, followed by high tea and a question and answer session with their beauty experts while some of us got foot massages.


“Do hair spas really work?” asked one of us bloggers, followed with similar questions about hair fall and damage. “Why do you get hair spas?” Sushmita, VLCC’s Category Manager for Beauty, asked that blogger and explained her about the Hair Spa.

Hair Salon

Hair & Beauty – Lessons Learned

Here are the 5 things I learned from this session:

  1. It’s important to know your end goal before you go for a hair spa, so you can access the result. What is it you’re after – shine, damage control or dryness control? Tell the hair experts and ask for a hair spa accordingly.


  1. For complicated concerns like premature greying, damage, and skin discoloration, it’s important to know the reason they’re happening in the first place, so treatment can be suggested accordingly. Have an hour-long session with the experts who can analyses your personal situation vis-à-vis lifestyle, diet, hereditary factors and health, instead of going for a one-remedy-suits-all approach.


  1. Dandruff and dry skin have a similar solution – keeping it clean is as important as keeping it moisturized.


  1. Hair falling out? Ask yourself what’s changed about your lifestyle before you even start worrying – change of shampoo, stress, diet, pregnancy, so many factors can contribute to this, so it’s important to evaluate this before you approach a hair care expert.


  1. Just seek out medical help for acne instead of blaming your skin.


I was parted with a goodie bag whose contents I am yet to try – a diamond facial kit, a massage oil (whose recommendation my friend gave me) and an herbal tea. So, I’ll be writing about those when I try, especially interested in the facial kit, cuz I’m totes a home facial person!
(Product image to be added here)


And for all you beauties, don’t forget to comment below with your skin, hair and beauty questions for VLCC to answer. My aforementioned friend tried VLCC’s consultation services for cellulite removal and she certainly had all good things to say about it.

Hair Smoothing - Makeup Salon