VLCC Style Statements With VLCC Experts

We were a part of a fun and an interesting session with the VLCC experts at their Worli Branch in Mumbai. I go to know about all the different products that are ideal for the summers ahead for your face and body, hair and skin.

VLCC believes in tackling any skin problem or hair problem by understanding the exact root cause and by treating all the problems separately with solutions targeted towards that particular person only. I had jotted down all your questions and I asked the VLCC experts for the answers to your questions. Please find them below:

  • Maliha had asked about her dry and wavy hair concerns – The VLCC expert suggested that you should firstly get your scalp and hair checked and basis the problems decide a hair care routine. One of the sure ways to tackle dry hair is their newest “med vita” range, which takes care of the frizz.
  • (Intsa handle a sweet gal) had asked about how to stop or prevent hair fall and the medivita hair treatment which consists of a deep nourishing shampoo and conditioner is ideal for your situation. Also, make sure to stay away from overusing of heating tools.


  • Nazaali had asked about what should a person do if she gets pimples post using a moisturizer? The VLCC expert suggests that you follow a C-T-M routine daily. You should clean, tone and then moisturize your face, that way you will notice a visible difference in your skin texture and pimples will be reduced too.


  • Sujata had asked about how to achieve clear skin and one way to surely give it a try is to indulge in a Belle wave Hydra moist infusion mask by VLCC as that hydrates your skin and adds a natural glow.


  • Little Princess had also concerns about how to manage rough hair. They suggest you opt for hair spa at least once a month and use a serum that tames your rough hair. Plus ensure that you are getting adequate sleep and are consuming enough water.


  • Lastly Kashifah had a question about how can she maintain her normal skin and keep it glowing. You can opt for fruit facials that add a natural radiance and yet protect your skin from the pollution around us. VLCC has a papaya fruit facial, which is my personal favourite.


I also interacted with their make-up expert Reshma who gave my eyes a complete glam makeover using some deep gold eye shadow mixed with bold Smokey eyes. You can see the make-up difference from my other pics and these ones post the make-over.


While chatting up with Reshma she highlighted how easy it is to achieve a party or a glam look by just changing your eye make-up. Drop by at your nearest VLCC centre to know all about VLCC Style Statements right from facials to mani-pedis, hair treatments, make-up and skin care that are tailor made for you and only YOU!!!


VLCC Style Statements Mumbai Bloggers Meet

“Being nourished is beautiful”

Indeed beauty is fragile and keeping it nourished is the best way to retain its grace. With the right ingredients and the right amount of pampering, the goodness in our skin is radiated and it gets the best. Regularly indulging in skin care regime will be beneficial for our skin and it will also enhance its beauty.


The best part was that I reached on time after long, but we had to wait for another 20 minutes till all the other bloggers arrive. In the meanwhile, they introduced us to all the people behind the meet that was fun. Got to learn about their thoughts and ideas on the new concepts and techniques.

ridal Makeup Services , Dermatology Treatments

The ambiance of the center was professional and neat. I liked the organization that seemed soothing and calm. Later, we were introduced by Ms. Reshma who was the person behind the idea of this meet. She is an incredibly beautiful lady and I must thank her for all the techniques and concepts that she conceptualized for us bloggers.


We were initially introduced to a Demo and discussion of Hair Treatment, Nail Extension, Eyelash Extension, and Skin Treatment. This knowledgeable session was enlightening and I am happy to learn a lot from the same.

VLCC Beauty Services range from Salon, Laser & Dermat. VLCC slimming services is among the very popular ones. Also, they have various other services for:-

Beauty Treatments , Makeup Salon

  • Under Eye (Derma Heal Eye Treatment): This Eye Filler treatment is formulated with bio-actives to reduce any visible signs of ageing and wrinkle filling around the eye area.
  • Eyes (Visionary): Visionary treatment is useful when you want to tackle problems around the eye contour area. Deep penetration of potent actives into the skin promotes regeneration for an amazing skin transformation. It reduces signs of aging and also prevents any skin flaws formation in future making it look firmer, plumper and radiant. The treatment revitalizes the entire eye areas by reducing wrinkles & lines and targets eye bags & puffiness.
  • Face (Vampire Facelift): This VLCC beauty treatment is best advised for someone with dull and sallow skin. Vampire Facelift uses blood plasma from your own self and applies it to the face using derma roller. The process boosts cellular growth, healing and thus gives a youthful appearance to one’s skin. This can be combined with other beauty treatments such as micro needling with radio frequency, Chemical Peels, Botox, Derma rollers or Thread lift.


I selected the Haircut service for myself and a VLCC professional did a Layered Cut for me to suit face structure. He said this cut will suit my face and enhance its beauty. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, which was followed by hair wash and an outward curls’ blow-dry session. I was immensely satisfied and the look blended with my personality so much that everyone liked it and complimented me. All the credits go to the VLCC Team for this wondrous session. I have also heard a lot about VLCC vampire facial and will love to try it.

VLCC Meet Experience & Beauty FAQ’s

Hello, everyone…I recently got to the attend the VLCC bloggers meet at Lucknow on 13th April. Before this event, I always associated VLCC with slimming services and manufacturer of personal care products. But this meet was an eye-opener as I learned what VLCC is all about.

VLCC offers a broad spectrum of services apart from being a slimming center. It offers Salon, Dermat and Laser Services. The best thing about them is that they do not give suggestions based on conjectures as they believe that every person has different body structure. The clients are generally tested and then offered services accordingly.

Laser Services

Coming to the meet all the girls were given a warm welcome and since this was my first meet I was quite nervous but the team was quite friendly. We were offered nutritious drink and snacks which were mostly sprouts and fruits.


We had a question answer session where every girl got answered her beauty concerns by beauty specialists Sushmita ma’am- Category Manager Beauty and Meena Singh ma’am. The session stretched quite long due to the plethora of questions thrown. It was an interesting session and I’ll share some of the things which I learned during it.


What is Vampire Facial?

I was in shock when I heard this word for the first time. It is actually Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).The blood is taken from a person’s arm and plasma is separated from the red and white blood cells in a centrifuge. Since the plasma is rich in platelets it has a rich growth factor and is then injected into the face to remove wrinkles and get a more youthful effect. This trend is quite popularized by Kim Kardashian.

How to tackle problems in eye contour area?

Try going for visionary, an intensely concentrated treatment. Powered actives penetrate deep into skin to promote skin regeneration. It addresses superficial signs of aging and prevents the formation of future problems in that area. Try this treatment at VLCC.

How to deal with under eye wrinkles?

Go for Derma Heal Eye Treatment which is basically an eye filler treatment formulated with bio actives. It provides wrinkle filling effect and reduces signs of aging. This treatment is available at VLCC.

How to deal with super oily skin?

Try maintaining a healthy diet and always rub a cube of ice after cleansing and then apply toner. This will shrink the pores and help control oil. Try the VLCC toner for more effective result.

How to deal with chemically treated hair?

Try providing good nourishment to hair. Strengthen roots by regular oiling. If due to hair coloring or something else, the ends of the hair are extremely damaged then get the ends or that colored section of hair chop off. Also get a good hair spa at VLCC to nourish hair from within.

Should we wear sunscreen indoors? How frequently should it be applied?

A person should always wear a sunscreen indoors as well. The artificial lighting and rays from laptop screen also damage our skin.
They should be applied at least half an hour prior to leaving house and reapplication is also required. One can choose timings like 9 am, 3 pm, and 6 pm to reapply it.

Why do some sunscreens leave a white cast?

The presence of Titanium and zinc oxide are responsible for the white cast certain sunscreens give as they act as a reflector.

Why dirty hair leads to hair fall? How to prevent it?

Sweating causes deposition of salt in the scalp which actually causes hair fall. The best way to prevent is to keep our scalp clean on regular basis.

How to Stop Hair Fall

Does more lathering of shampoo means better cleansing?

Not at all. This is a general myth that more lather a shampoo forms, better the product. But this only indicates the presence of more SLS in it which actually makes hair dry.

How to deal with hair patches? Is there any homemade remedy?

It is better to get a hair transplant done to make the area appear denser. Try the Stem Cells autologous regrowth treatment by VLCC which is an effective hair loss treatment. Homemade remedies may or may not work but transplant is a sure shot treatment.

VLCC to organise campaign against obesity

Beauty and wellness brand VLCC today said it will invest over Rs 30 crore to spread awareness about harmful effects of obesity and related problems in India through a campaign.

To mark the occasion of Anti Obesity Day on November 26, the company would provide DNA scan to individuals at its centres countrywide and also educate them on issues leading to the problem such as weight gain, exercise and food habits etc.

Besides, the company would provide adequate healthcare resources to affected people associated with the campaign at nominal prices.

Weight Loss

Citing various global researches, the company said obesity in not only dependent upon diet and lifestyle of an individual, but also governed by information stored in DNA.

“Observing Anti-Obesity day on November 26 of every year was the brainchild of VLCC 15 years back with a sole objective of generating awareness amongst the people about the harmful effects of obesity and related problems,” VLCC Healthcare Director Sandeep Ahuja told.

He further said the investment would be over Rs 30 crore on equipment and other services to be provided to people.

According to a study published in the British medical journal ‘The Lancet’, there were 20 million obese women in India in 2014 and 9.8 million men were obese.

VLCC operates over 200 wellness centres across the country and sells its products ranging from skin care and hair care, among others, across over 70,000 retail stores in India. PRJ MR

Not just another slimming Centre VLCC Style Statements

Am I the only one who thought of VLCC as a place that mysteriously helps people slim down tons of weight in the least amount of time?
With their marketing campaigns, and the movie Badhai ho Badhai, Anil Kapoors fat to fit stunt was their shot to fame in my head. Clear about being the best slimming Centre ever!
Although I have been noticing their increasing presence in the beauty products segment, available in lead stores. I didn’t take them quite seriously. Until the recent #VLCCStyleStatement event.

Weight Loss
From the latest Vampire facial, Kardashian favourite to the changing trends in skin & hair industry. They seemed to not just know but actually provide all the services across India. Be it Medivita which is a hair care expert therapy, to eyelash extensions, VLCC has got the global beauty updates right here for us.


At this recent meet up with Pune’s biggest bloggers was a fun session on beauty, skin, hair & nail care. We discussed all our skin queries, and the answers were much beyond “drink lots of water” luckily! From the ideal beauty regime to the nutrition our bodies need to have good skin and hair team VLCC covered it all.


What’s a fun meet up without a goodie bag with products I couldn’t stop gushing about. I used their Diamond Facial Kit from the goodie bag, had also received their detox green tea & a shape up oil which I am eager to use.


The diamond facial kit gave me supple glowing skin in six easy steps, judging by their product range and this event, Jugni & Co. highly recommend the beauty & care services at VLCC India.

VLCC Wellness: 5 Things I Learned from My Recent Visit to VLCC

All About VLCC Wellness

With a set of pristine white spa and massage rooms filled with the floral scent and a promise of indulgence, mani-pedi and makeup stations, VLCC is sure worth a trip. And that’s not all, with its skin and hair care experts, bridal packages and a range of wellness products, VLCC offers, as they like to call it, a 360-degree full-rounded wellness.



The blogger’s meet and pampering session I went there for on Thursday started with a tour around their spa, followed by high tea and a question and answer session with their beauty experts while some of us got foot massages.


“Do hair spas really work?” asked one of us bloggers, followed with similar questions about hair fall and damage. “Why do you get hair spas?” Sushmita, VLCC’s Category Manager for Beauty, asked that blogger and explained her about the Hair Spa.

Hair Salon

Hair & Beauty – Lessons Learned

Here are the 5 things I learned from this session:

  1. It’s important to know your end goal before you go for a hair spa, so you can access the result. What is it you’re after – shine, damage control or dryness control? Tell the hair experts and ask for a hair spa accordingly.


  1. For complicated concerns like premature greying, damage, and skin discoloration, it’s important to know the reason they’re happening in the first place, so treatment can be suggested accordingly. Have an hour-long session with the experts who can analyses your personal situation vis-à-vis lifestyle, diet, hereditary factors and health, instead of going for a one-remedy-suits-all approach.


  1. Dandruff and dry skin have a similar solution – keeping it clean is as important as keeping it moisturized.


  1. Hair falling out? Ask yourself what’s changed about your lifestyle before you even start worrying – change of shampoo, stress, diet, pregnancy, so many factors can contribute to this, so it’s important to evaluate this before you approach a hair care expert.


  1. Just seek out medical help for acne instead of blaming your skin.


I was parted with a goodie bag whose contents I am yet to try – a diamond facial kit, a massage oil (whose recommendation my friend gave me) and an herbal tea. So, I’ll be writing about those when I try, especially interested in the facial kit, cuz I’m totes a home facial person!
(Product image to be added here)


And for all you beauties, don’t forget to comment below with your skin, hair and beauty questions for VLCC to answer. My aforementioned friend tried VLCC’s consultation services for cellulite removal and she certainly had all good things to say about it.

Hair Smoothing - Makeup Salon