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Glamour Never Takes A Day Off Feat. VLCC Wellness Centre

The Bangalore Bloggers recently had a one-on-one beauty and personal care session with VLCC experts. What comes to your mind when I say VLCC? Slimming or Weight Management?? Exactly! That’s what I had in mind before I attended the VLCC Bangalore meet-up at the VLCC centre in HSR Layout and I was wrong. They have solutions for everything related to skin, hair, body. You ask for it and they have it all. VLCC is one stop centre for all your beauty and wellness complications. The categories that they offer in skin care are sun protection, anti ageing and skin whitening products. They do take care of facial care products that consist of facial kits and salon kits. VLCC also provides massage oil, anti-cellulite products and food supplements.

skin whitening

We received the warmest welcome by the entire VLCC team with some refreshments and cupcakes & fruit bowl to eat. The moment I entered the wellness centre, I could see posters related to skin, hair and body. VLCC makes sure they do an entire study of the daily diet and work structure a person goes through to understand the issue better. All the bloggers had numerous questions in their mind and the moment the specialists entered the room, we blurted all the questions. It started with sun protection regimes and concerns to hair fall issues. Hair fall is a major situation for every person who comes to Bangalore from a different city. I personally have seen the density of my hair reduce tremendously. The solution given by the experts at VLCC was good hair spa treatment and usage of mineral water to wash your hair instead of normal tap-water. There were few questions of acne and weight management that were answered by the experts, meanwhile we all got ourselves a complimentary foot massage at the wellness centre.


If you are an ardent follower of The Kardashians, I am sure you are familiar with Vampire facial or Dracula Facial. Vampire facial is basically PRP therapy, where blood is pulled out from your skin to inject it onto your face. This helps the skin to renew and rejuvenate which also acts as an anti-ageing therapy. Other than that, VLCC also provides under eye treatment which incorporates Derma Heal Eye treatment and Visionergy. Derma heal eye treatment is basically and eye filler treatment which is composed of bio actives to reduce the signs of ageing below the eye. Whereas Visionergy is an intensive eye treatment, the composition penetrates deep into the skin to regenerate fresh skin.

Dealing with PCOS – Symptoms & Solutions | VLCC

PCOS expanded as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a lifestyle disorder that is affecting more than 80% of the urban women today. I always knew what it was because of the internet but had never really had a talk with an expert about it. I had a lot of misconceptions regarding PCOS, that was cleared when I went for a blogger session with VLCC Wellness Centre. That one session helped me understand the issue so much better – and I still feel like I have only scratched the surface and have so much more to understand.


What Causes PCOS?

But I wanted to write about it here in the hope of enlightening some of you. So what is PCOS and how does it affect women? Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal imbalance disorder that affects the ovaries. In a nut shell a woman’s body is controlled by 2 hormones – Oestrogen and Progesterone – both of which are produced during certain period of your monthly cycle. If there is a reduction in either one of those hormones, it will lead to hormonal imbalance which in turn leads to formation of cysts in your ovaries which will then lead to a slew of unwanted physical symptoms.


What are the symptoms of PCOS?

Some of those symptoms include cystic acne, hair loss, unwanted hair growth in places where hair is not supposed to grow, weight gain and in some cases irregular periods. If you constantly get cystic acne, especially around your chin area, you might be suffering from PCOS. If you gained a lot of weight in a short period of time, you might be suffering from PCOS. If you have hair growth on your chin, you might be suffering from PCOS. If you have irregular periods, you guessed it right; you might be suffering from PCOS.


How can you treat PCOS?

First step towards treatment would be to meet with an expert. At VLCC there are doctors that deal with PCOS with superior expertise. You see, PCOS is not just a dermatological issue or a gynecological issue; it is a lifestyle issue that affects skin, hair, weight and ovaries. It requires expertise from all those fields and VLCC offers all that under one roof. The first thing they will do is run tests to ensure that you are indeed suffering from PCOS and not thyroid. Once they are sure of it, they will suggest a slew of lifestyle changes to get your hormones to work normally. And if your condition is severe, they might put you on birth control to induce synthetic hormones in your body.


Some of the lifestyle changes you can do yourself to treat your condition would be to exercise more often, include some super foods like almonds, buttermilk, flax seeds and fish in your diet while avoiding negative foods that will aggravate you condition like sugar, chocolates, caffeine and cheese. Go on a low carb, high protein diet. I have read on the internet that dairy causes acne. I tried avoiding it completely for 2 years but found no difference to how my skin reacted. In fact, some of the probiotic dairy like curds and buttermilk is essential for your diet because they help build your gut immunity.


Reducing weight will help your condition to a large extent, so do everything in your power to ensure you don’t pile on pounds. If you already have put on weight, do everything in your power to ensure that you reduce your weight. It’s difficult but not impossible. The main thing to remember is that you are not alone. 8 out of 10 women these days suffer from some form of PCOS. I for instance get cystic acne around my chin area and it drives me crazy!


Apart from helping you with your weight and skin issues, VLCC also provides a slew of groundbreaking cosmetological solutions. They are known to bring cutting edge cosmetology to India such as vampire facial which makes use of your own blood to treat aging skin and hair, DNA slimming where they will provide customized slimming solutions based on your DNA, cellular matrix, microdermabrasion and peels, Botox, meso therapy, fillers, etc.

Skincare Secrets, High Tea and More With VLCC!

Hi loves! It’s been a while I know, but if you’ve been following my Instagram and Snapchat you’d have seen that I was away at home in Delhi the past week. I spent some quality time at home, and also went to all my favourite places. Just before I left, I had the chance to experience an amazing session, #VLCCStyleStatements, with experts from VLCC. Read on to know everything we talked about!


VLCC has established itself over decades as an expert when it comes to slimming – according to their website, they have 236 locations in 122 cities and across 11 countries! I’m sure you all must have seen their famous slimming transformation ads around. But did you know the entire range of beauty and wellness services they offer? This includes specialized facials, laser treatments and other beauty services as well. They also have a well-known line of beauty and personal care products.

Rejuvenated Skin

When it comes to skincare and cosmetic treatments, the first and foremost approach they take is to assess your overall health. When they understand all the factors that could influence your issue, right from genetics to specific hormonal conditions to your lifestyle, they create a plan customized for you.
I and other beauty bloggers reached the VLCC centre in HSR Layout, one of the biggest centres I’ve seen so far on a Saturday morning to meet with Sushmita, Category Manager – Beauty for VLCC over some delicious snacks and a pampering foot massage. Here are some of the things we talked about!


Skincare regime for the mid-to-late 20s: The most important skincare routine is cleansing, toning and exfoliating. Exfoliating needs to be done twice a week with a gentle scrub. Next comes moisturizing and sun protection. Sun protection is something we all tend to neglect and Sushmita told us how sunscreen helps protect our skin even from the lights in our offices. So sunscreen with a good SPF of about 30 should be the last step in our beauty routines. The ageing process starts at age 25 itself, so you must invest time in a good skincare regimen that includes these steps from then itself.

Skin Care

Acne treatment: The root causes of acne can be many, ranging from hormonal imbalances to PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disorder) which is quite common in women and often undiagnosed. The first step in properly treating acne is to find the root cause of it and then work towards getting rid of it gradually. VLCC offers consultations with their experts for those who have acne and a step-by-step treatment customized for your skin type.


Vampire facials: Though we all first heard of this facial through Kim Kardashian, vampire facials are considered to be super effective with providing clear skin and for their anti-ageing ability. Also known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy, it involves taking blood from your arm, and after treating it, the platelet-rich blood plasma from the blood is injected into certain parts of the face. It basically stimulates the release of the skin’s stem cells, leading to much more rejuvenated skin. However, it can take a few weeks for visible results. This, along with many other specialized facials are available at VLCC and brought to you by expert doctors.


Hairfall and dandruff: A lot of you had questions about hairfall as well, and most of the reasons for hairfall have to do with stress, lack of a proper diet, and hard water used while shampooing. Similar to the vampire facials, there is a hair treatment as well which involves using the amino acids on the scalp to rejuvenate hair growth. A diet rich in protein like eggs, green vegetables, pulses, fish etc. as well as regular oil massages which stimulate the scalp would help. You can also try washing your hair with mineral/bottled/RO water to avoid hairfall due to hard water.


It was a very informative and interactive session we had with Sushmita and was also a lot of fun with all the other bloggers! I also received the VLCC Diamond Facial kit and the Shape Up 10-in-1 Skin Enhance Oil, which I’ll be reviewing on the blog very soon.
I also have a special surprise just for you guys! Get 10% off any service at a VLCC centre near you – use the coupon code R4A81070 and mention it when you visit the centre. This is valid till 30th April 2017. (Not applicable on high end dermat services).

VLCC style statements- All about beauty and skincare!

A few days ago, I visited VLCC in my city, Lucknow, for a fun and informative session about skin care and beauty. And I learnt so many things. I even did a live chat on my Instagram and a lot of you had a lot of questions to ask and all of them will be answered today in this post!


The first and most important thing to do for a healthier skin and body is following a healthy lifestyle. I know it seems impossible for our generation to sleep on time, wake up early and eat healthy food but trust me, your body will thank you once you do this. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, you might not even have to go out of your way to take care of your skin and body, it will do it itself. Here are a few other things you can do to take care of your body –



We spend a lot of time outside in the dirt and dust. And while it is very hard to completely avoid the dust and dirt, you could at least wash your face every time you come back home. And once you have washed it properly with a face wash that suits your skin type, don’t forget to moisturize. Moisturizing is a very important step that we often forget.


If you have some other skin problems like acne, ageing, spots, scars, etc, it is always better to consult an expert rather than trying different products to check which one works well for you.


One very interesting facial that they informed me about was ‘The Vampire facial’. I was so fascinated by this. It is basically for dull and swollen skin. In this, they take platelet rich plasma (PRP) from your own self and apply it to your face with a derma roller.


They also have a lot of services for under eye treatment like Visionergy, which treats the wrinkles and lines around your eye contour area.

Hair Care


Our hair goes through a lot of problems as well like roughness, split ends, damage, etc, and just like our skin needs moisturizing, so does out hair! We can moisturize our hair by massaging with oil once a week.

Another very important thing they told us was hair care for boys. Guys don’t wash their hair as often as they should be which damages their hair a lot. Washing your hair twice or thrice a week is very important.


Also when you apply conditioner after washing your hair, it should only be applied to the ends of your hair. If you apply conditioner to the roots, it will make your scalp oily.


While there are a lot of tips for proper care of your hair and skin, there are also a lot of myths out there. And VLCC helped me bust them.

  1. Removing black heads will not lead to more black heads.
  2. If you are indoor, you might still get tan.
  3. Breakage of grey hair does not leads to more grey hair.
  4. Hair color does not damage your hair.


Q: Waxing VS shaving?
A: The experts told us that waxing is much better than shaving. Shaving leaves a lot of in grown hair which may lead to infections in some cases.

VLCC also offers laser treatments for your body hair.

Q: What brands are best for skin care and hair care?
A: Everybody has a different skin and hair type. We need to find a product that best suits our skin.
We often are attracted towards foreign brands but the truth is that some of those products may not work for you at all. Brands create products according to the climate and conditions of a specific place. And we need to use products made for the climate in our country.

Q: What to do if sun screens do not protect our skin well. Is there any other precaution to take?
A: There is actually a particular time to apply sunscreen. You should apply your sunscreen at 9 A.M first. Then reapply it at 12 noon and then again apply it at 3 P.M.
This way your skin will get maximum protection against the sun.