Beauty Queries Answered by Experts at VLCC Nagpur Bloggers Meet

Nagpur’s popular hair, skin and slimming center at VLCC was the venue for an interactive beauty Q&A #vlccstylestatements session. Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers got together at VLCC Nagpur for an enlightening talk on popular beauty queries and cutting edge advancements in skin and hair care. I put forth a number of questions on behalf of DCW India readers and Sushmita Verma, Category Head – Beauty, was happy to answer them all! I list here for you all your beauty concerns answered.


VLCC for Slimming Only?

Before we move on to the beauty queries, let us get this straight once and for all. Debunking the popular myth, the meet opened up VLCC’s scope of work for everyone! Check out their state of the art massage rooms and pedicure stations below.


From a simple pedicure starting from INR 500+, facials upwards of INR 800+ to their Medavita hair treatments, they have answers to all your queries – and with a devoted personalized solution just for your skin or hair. From minimally invasive, non-surgical anti-aging treatments to the popular Vampire facials for de-pigmentation, they offer them all. The costs involved cleared another myth about VLCC that they are beyond the reach of our wallets. Quite the opposite, we say!


Expert Solutions for Your Beauty Queries

Many of you who connect with DCW India and Fabulous Mom Life on social media put forth your beauty concerns. Sushmita Verma took them up one by one with VLCC Nagpur head Sapna Saxena joining her. Here’s what they had to say.

  1. Is sunscreen required indoors too?

Yes! Even the rays emitted from the lights in your house can tan you. Not only is applying sunscreen a must, it is also important to re-apply sunscreen every few hours because a sunscreen only works for a few hours depending upon its SPF. If you use a scarf/cloth to cover your face when out in the sun, make sure to wash the cloth regularly. Additionally, go for anti-tan scrubs and moisturizing facials.


  1. Frizzy hair in Indian summers.

The reason your hair is frizzy is because it lacks moisture. Using a good conditioner the right way – that is not on the scalp but on the length of the hair.


  1. Remedies for Damaged Hair

Other than keeping your hair clean, taking care of it with massages and hair spa treatments, VLCC also has a superior hair treatment called Medavita which combats dry, damaged hair as well as hair fall.


  1. Tips for Oily Skin

Do not be under the impression that washing your skin several times a day helps with the oil on your face. Moisturizing is important for oily skin too. Use a water or gel based moisturizer as well as a sunscreen. Exfoliate regularly and keep your skin clean.


  1. Under eye dark circles

It is important to find out the reason why you have dark circles. It could be because of lack of sleep or even hereditary factors. The Visionergy treatment specifically targets under eye circles, puffiness and signs of aging.


  1. Major hair fall after childbirth

Hair fall after childbirth is not a generic problem and differs from person to person. Lactation and deficiencies post pregnancy vary and only through a test can the best solution for each person be determined. Dietary supplements along with hair treatments like Hair PRP and Derma Rollers are recommended.


  1. Cracked Heels in summer

A Paraffin Wax pedicure or an at-home pedicure kit by VLCC is the best way to cure cracked heels.


  1. Beginning skincare post 30 when you haven’t cared for it at all so far

Begin a CTM routine i.e. cleansing, toning and moisturizing, ASAP. There cannot be a time soon enough to start this routine. Follow the routine without fail every day and you will start seeing a difference in your skin very soon.


What Makes VLCC Stand Out


It was very clear after the session that VLCC aces the beauty industry because of their one-on-one approach. None of their skin or beauty care solutions were ‘cookie cutter’ or generic. Their emphasis on the required tests to find out more about your skin, scalp, lifestyle and even hereditary factors before performing even the simplest of facials says a lot about how well they use advancements in skincare technologies to deliver a complete wellness solution. VLCC has a great service to start with. It is called a DNA Skin service. It shows what your skin and hair is pre-disposed to.



The next thing was at the competitive prices that they have, they are providing superlative service. Hygiene is very important for correct skincare and VLCC does not skimp on it. For example, they use disposable sheets for you to lie upon even for a basic level clean up costing around INR 500. They are stringent about not using any kind of towels or cloth on your face. They only use disposable tissues, cotton, gowns, headbands and sheets for all their services.


This new therapy will make you look and feel better than ever before

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to wellness and fitness routines. Spas, therapies, treatments and more, promise to help us achieve Zen in more ways than one. And, one of the latest therapies is VLCC’s Elixir Therapy. This is a well-researched combination of ancient practices and modern science focused on helping your body heal and rejuvenate itself.

Elixir Therapy

What is this theory all about?
The therapy uses special Detox oil and a Detox powder mix, which balances the Yin and Yang using acupressure points. This helps open blocked energy channels, aids in lymphatic drainage through specialized therapeutic processes, and uses modern technologies to accelerate the healing process and weight loss.

Skin Specialist

Why we love VLCC Elixir Therapy
Sometimes, you may find that you’re working out, eating healthier than you ever have, but you find yourself struggling to see any movement on the scale. VLCC’s Elixir Therapy enhances weight loss as it reduces water retention. It also helps in firming and smoothing of skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite.


VLCC Elixir Therapy is a five-step process with abundant benefits such as

  • Cleanses the body of toxins
  • Accelerates weight loss and relieves Water Retention
  • Reversing the effects of ageing
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps reduce chronic pains, migraine, headaches,
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improves overall energy levels by balancing Yin-Yang (Positive and negative energy)

So, if you want to take one step back in time for a “younger” you, try VLCC Elixir Therapy now!

Do You Know Your SPF?

Summer is already striking us with its full heat. And girls can already be seen donning scarves and tan gloves while walking under it. According to a skin-specialist team, sun rays can dehydrate the pores of your skin, which fastens the aging process. It is also known that sun rays can cause cancer producing enzymes in the skin.

Summer can be the worst time for people with oily skin – who experience more grease than usual on their faces during summers because of sweat, which absorbs all the dirt and bacteria in the atmosphere, later leading to pimples and acne.

Dermatologists always suggest their clients to step out of their homes with sun screen on their faces.

Whether you are going for a run, lunch, or an event – SPF plays a vital role in shielding your skin against sun damage.

But it doesn’t end here – summer leaves its marks, giving us tanning, which may take over a month to fade away. It doesn’t matter if you are blessed with fair, clear skin – sun will attack you with its UVB and UVA rays, as it would a dark skin or oily skin.

Spa Services

Several Spa Services are dedicated to removing tanning. Brands like VLCC also provide Ayurvedic Spa services for clients who want to steer clear from chemical products.

How to Choose the Right SPF For Your Skin?

This choice can be determined on the basis of three categories based on your skin type. Just like we choose our toner, moisturizer and foundation, SPFs are also selected based on the same rules. Skin Specialists usually suggest choosing a sun screen based on the texture and quality of the skin.

Oily Skin

Oily skin tends to get oilier during summer, due to the sweat and humidity in the atmosphere. So, select a water-or-gel based sun block that absorbs in your skin without leaving any greasy marks. This formula works for oily skin as it leaves your skin with a cooling effect, which eliminates all chances of a breakout. You can also try matte-finish sun screens, which offer a dry finish. In case you are going through an Acne Treatment, water based sun screens will work best for you.

Normal Skin

You can pretty much use any sun screen, however lotion based SPF will work best with your skin. Since you have balanced oil on your skin, lotion based sunscreens will lock moisture in your pores, giving you a luscious look and keeping your skin hydrated and fresh.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is considered to have low sebum levels, which makes it very sensitive. People with such skin should always test the product or consult a dermatologist before applying any product directly to their skin as it can cause irritation or further damage. Fortunately, summers make for a happy season for people with dry skin. Moisturizer based thick SPF-cream is considered best for people with dry skin. They must invest in creams that are high on moisture and keep their skin hydrated.

How to Choose for The Denomination of Your SPF?

Contrary to popular belief, higher SPFs doesn’t always guarantee better protections. There are multiple theories in the world, whether you consult a Makeup Salon or a Skin Specialist, people will advise different things.

According to Skin Specialists, the SPF capacity should be selected based on the geographical location and temperature of your area. SPF with a higher denomination, can make your skin greasy and oily which can lead to itching, which may further introduce you to acne.

Sunscreens with 15 – 30 ++ SPF are best suited for Indian summers – the ratio can be increased as we step towards the southern side of the country. People whose routine demands of them to stay longer than 6 hours under the sun can use 50++ SPF. They should also ensure to reapply the sunscreen every two hours.


Things to Keep in Mind:

  1. Never avoid using a sun screen because of your makeup. Even makeup salons suggest their clients to always apply a thin layer of spray sun-screen above the makeup to ensure full sun-protection.
  2. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out in the sun, it will allow the cream to dissolve into your skin completely without creating any patches.
  3. Reapply sun screen every time you step out, or within every 2 hours if you are already out.
  4. Apply sunscreen on every area with is exposed under the sun. Ensure that you always include your neck in this as well.

VLCC Sun Protection Products:

VLCC Skin Nourishing Sun Screen Lotion SPF 40

It is a moisturizer-based sunscreen – which is considered best for dry skin. It also works at clearing your skin, giving you a hydrated fresh glow.

VLCC Clear Tan Fruit Face Pack

This Tan pack is suitable for all skin types and promises to show results within a week of regular use. It is made from natural fruit ingredients which leave your skin relaxed and refreshed.

VLCC Daily Sun Protect Cream 25+++ SPF

It is a perfect cream for daily use, which comes at a nominal price of Rs 120 for 50 grams. It will shield your skin against the sun, layering it with a hydrated coating.


Sunscreens are an essential part of summers and protect us from UV rays, lower risks of skin cancer, sunburns, premature aging and tanning. They also help in enhancing the health of the skin. You can prevent tanning and all other damage causing factors to your skin by simply applying a thin coat of sunscreen before stepping out of your house.

Use the factors mentioned above, and select the right SPF based on the type and texture of your skin.

VLCC Day Spa Event Review

Jasmine. Mogra. Rose. No, I am not checking my memory for names of flowers but these were the aromas I smelt when I walked into the VLCC Day Spa and Salon, Vasant Vihar for their special VLCC Style Statement event. The eyes were met with a bunch of girls getting a funky nail art session which was really tempting. One could just google a nail art picture and voila! These experts can reproduce it on your nail. It was a treat to meet the cheerful hostesses like the centre manager and marketing head Sushmita Verma, so I was pretty sure that I was in for a soothing, relaxing and knowledgeable two hour. The centre was spread across 2 floors in the posh Basant Lok complex of Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. It has all the modern facilities for a spa and salon like make-up, nail art, laser treatments, body treatments etc. You name it, they have it right at your command. One might think it is a very girly thing, but interestingly 30% of their customers are men, who are equally concerned about their body too.


VLCC was started by one of India’s first women entrepreneurs; Vandana Luthra who is now a renowned figure in the beauty and wellness industry. VLCC which is spread across 127 locations, is traditionally known for their weight loss treatments, but now is a famous brand in the beauty and wellness sector. A little-known fact that, the famous Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial treatment, wherein your protein-rich blood plasma is used to even out the skin tone and ageing signs were, in fact, introduced first in India by VLCC. Now they have expanded their services to complement every aspect of your body like preventive anti-ageing treatments, Laser treatments, Spa treatments, Hair and make-up…. the list is long. Not to mention their standards in hygiene and safety are comparable to any top-class salon-spa in India. No salon or spa can ever be successful without the staff, and VLCC is proof of that because their staff is very courteous and professional.


Apart from these wonderful sights and smells, we even got to learn some new and latest techniques to enhance the way you look and feel. One of the biggest concerns which any person, men and women alike have is that how can one prevent ageing and wrinkles? While the natural process of ageing would occur no matter what but all we can do is to delay it as much as possible. So, here at VLCC they help reduce the ageing signs through a thorough skin test to check your skin type and suggest a variety of treatments like chemical peels, Thermage, products diet and even lifestyle changes to help you achieve your goal. For those of us who are worried about the sagging under-eye and puffiness, the Derma heal eye mask treatment is highly recommended, so much so that one 30-minute session would help reduce the signs of ageing around the eyes.

Spa Services

With so much of pollution and stress plaguing us, it takes a toll on our skin in the form of pigmentation, darkening and dullness. They have a variety of treatments like the Extra Lightening Glutathione, where the glutathione serum is added to your skin using Derma rollers to lighten your skin tone up to two shades in just one sitting. They are even bringing in the famous Q switch laser treatment for pigmentation and scar removal in India.


Still not satisfied? Then their ultimate Thermage radiofrequency treatment reduces the appearance of those lines or acne marks on our faces, troublesome cellulite or bulges on our bodies and uplifts the eyes almost instantaneously. There is something for keeping those tresses pretty too; the Met beta treatment which is a two-hour treatment helps arresting hair fall, dandruff and scalp sebum. VLCC takes pride in being the only salon to be providing this treatment in the country.