Toning of Thighs at VLCC

Don’t worry about big and sagging skin of your thigh. VLCC latest technology of radio frequency helps in collagen re-modeling to tighten your Thigh so that you can wear your favorite dress.



Glamour Never Takes A Day Off Feat. VLCC Wellness Centre

The Bangalore Bloggers recently had a one-on-one beauty and personal care session with VLCC experts. What comes to your mind when I say VLCC? Slimming or Weight Management?? Exactly! That’s what I had in mind before I attended the VLCC Bangalore meet-up at the VLCC centre in HSR Layout and I was wrong. They have solutions for everything related to skin, hair, body. You ask for it and they have it all. VLCC is one stop centre for all your beauty and wellness complications. The categories that they offer in skin care are sun protection, anti ageing and skin whitening products. They do take care of facial care products that consist of facial kits and salon kits. VLCC also provides massage oil, anti-cellulite products and food supplements.

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We received the warmest welcome by the entire VLCC team with some refreshments and cupcakes & fruit bowl to eat. The moment I entered the wellness centre, I could see posters related to skin, hair and body. VLCC makes sure they do an entire study of the daily diet and work structure a person goes through to understand the issue better. All the bloggers had numerous questions in their mind and the moment the specialists entered the room, we blurted all the questions. It started with sun protection regimes and concerns to hair fall issues. Hair fall is a major situation for every person who comes to Bangalore from a different city. I personally have seen the density of my hair reduce tremendously. The solution given by the experts at VLCC was good hair spa treatment and usage of mineral water to wash your hair instead of normal tap-water. There were few questions of acne and weight management that were answered by the experts, meanwhile we all got ourselves a complimentary foot massage at the wellness centre.


If you are an ardent follower of The Kardashians, I am sure you are familiar with Vampire facial or Dracula Facial. Vampire facial is basically PRP therapy, where blood is pulled out from your skin to inject it onto your face. This helps the skin to renew and rejuvenate which also acts as an anti-ageing therapy. Other than that, VLCC also provides under eye treatment which incorporates Derma Heal Eye treatment and Visionergy. Derma heal eye treatment is basically and eye filler treatment which is composed of bio actives to reduce the signs of ageing below the eye. Whereas Visionergy is an intensive eye treatment, the composition penetrates deep into the skin to regenerate fresh skin.

VLCC Style Statements

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I had first visited VLCC ages ago along with a cousin who was then undergoing a weight loss program, and I’ve always associated VLCC to be just a slimming service center. Then last year they had a meet up where they introduced us to DNA Skin based skin care and anti aging treatments, which kind of expanded my knowledge about the center. A couple of week’s back VLCC had a bloggers meet in Hyderabad to introduce everyone about their range of services and products.


The meet-up started off with an introduction to their Category Manager Mrs. Sushmita Verma, who would be giving us the talk about all the services, after which we were given a tour of the entire facility. From having an Ayurveda therapy room to a gym room, they had it all. They pride themselves in having minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures and the team explained how seriously they take ethical responsibility to be their main concern. They even had a counselor on board to provide counseling to customers before they undertook any procedure, and to make sure they were opting for them for the right reasons.


The services that they provide range from slimming, beauty services, salon services, laser and dermat services. Some of the best ones are:

Vampire facelift: If you have dull and sallow looking skin, maintaining a glowing skin is hard work. Platelet rich plasma is a form of blood plasma, taken from your own blood that has been enriched with platelets and growth factors and applied to your face with derma roller to stimulate growth and healing on the required parts giving them a youthful radiance.

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An intensely concentrated treatment, Visionergy is engineered to tackle problems commonly faced in the eye contour area. Powered by a blend of potent actives, 3 combinative actions work holistically and penetrate deep into the skin to promote regeneration for an astounding skin transformation. Visionergy minimizes and aids in addressing current superficial signs of aging while simultaneously performing at a deeper level to prevent the formation of future skin flaws. Skin feels plumper, firmer and denser to the touch and a natural luminosity emerges. A soothing action targets eye bags and puffiness to revitalize the entire eye area, smoothing out skin and giving the eye contours a minimized appearance of wrinkles and lines.


Gold thread Lift

The procedure uses a unique implantation technique whereby micro-fine gold threads are inserted into the skin with a needle. One single treatment completes the procedure that lasts between 60 to 90 minutes. An invisible gold web is weaved to hold the facial tissues in place and prevent sagging of the skin or wrinkle formation. The thread is made up of real 24 karat gold, which tightens and rejuvenates the face, giving it a fresh and appealing look.


Derma heal eye treatment

This is an eye filler treatment, exclusively formulated with innovative bio actives. It dramatically reduces the visible signs of ageing around eye area by instant wrinkle filling effect. 24 hour-lasting hydration improves skin texture and boosts radiance.


Lash extension and micro blading coming soon

If you’re looking for a long-term solution for your scarce or tiny lashes then here’s where you need to be. They can fix you lashes which will stay for a good 15-18 months and you can stop worrying about mascara or wearing your false lashes every day. Another new service is micro blading, wherein they set your eyebrows in proper shape, give a beautiful color (maybe, natural pink) to your lips, so you when you wake up every morning, you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing make up to look naturally mesmerizing!

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VLCC to organise campaign against obesity

Beauty and wellness brand VLCC today said it will invest over Rs 30 crore to spread awareness about harmful effects of obesity and related problems in India through a campaign.

To mark the occasion of Anti Obesity Day on November 26, the company would provide DNA scan to individuals at its centres countrywide and also educate them on issues leading to the problem such as weight gain, exercise and food habits etc.

Besides, the company would provide adequate healthcare resources to affected people associated with the campaign at nominal prices.

Weight Loss

Citing various global researches, the company said obesity in not only dependent upon diet and lifestyle of an individual, but also governed by information stored in DNA.

“Observing Anti-Obesity day on November 26 of every year was the brainchild of VLCC 15 years back with a sole objective of generating awareness amongst the people about the harmful effects of obesity and related problems,” VLCC Healthcare Director Sandeep Ahuja told.

He further said the investment would be over Rs 30 crore on equipment and other services to be provided to people.

According to a study published in the British medical journal ‘The Lancet’, there were 20 million obese women in India in 2014 and 9.8 million men were obese.

VLCC operates over 200 wellness centres across the country and sells its products ranging from skin care and hair care, among others, across over 70,000 retail stores in India. PRJ MR

VLCC Coolsculpt : Get the Shape You Want

I hope the mid-week is treating you good! I recently came across a very innovate  treatment by VLCC called ‘Coolsculpt’ that can help a person lose fat in problematic areas from the very first sitting of the treatment! I was impressed when I first heard about it at the #VLCCStyleStatements event that happened in Chennai a few days ago! (I’m doing a post on it soon!)

Mind you, Coolsculpt involves no surgery, no appetite suppressant, no change in hormones and no crash dieting – which is a great news for health-conscious people. Let me share a brief on the treatment with you today!

Coolscupting is a process of freezing and destroying unwanted fat under your skin with a handheld device! This kind of treatment involves no chemicals, no medicine and moreover, it is non-surgical and it doesn’t affect your skin! (Fat is very temperature sensitive compared to your skin) It is not a regular weight-loss program where you may need to cut on your calorie intake, take medicines and spend hours and hours on working out but an FDA approved slimming treatment where you can directly target the problematic areas and reduce the fat for a firmer, slimmer and younger appearance! In short, Coolsculpt enables you to get rid of the unwanted fat cells – just where you want! And thus, you can fit into your favorite clothes and feel confident!

how to lose weight

 How long does it take to work? : VLCC claims that the Coolsculpt works in reducing the fat from the first sitting itself; within two weeks, the results show up and within three months, it’s a different YOU!

 For who? : Since it doesn’t lead to weight loss all over the body, Coolsculpt is not only meant for someone who is overweight! If you feel you work out all the week but still struggle to achieve a flat stomach, Coolsculpt is made just for you! If you have a stubborn double chin, it is for you too!

In my views, this unique way of reducing unwanted fat can help you save a LOT of time and more importantly, your health by not letting you to crash-diet, to achieve the desirable shape you want! If you want to lose weight in a particular area, working out and maintaining your diet are the right options instead of crash dieting (It can ruin your body MORE than you think. From hair loss, insomnia to chronic illnesses – it can lead to anything when you starve your body). But most of the time, women feel the fat accumulation on the belly, abdomen, thigh and chin area doesn’t budge to melt even with constant workouts! So that is where Coolsculpt helps you with no side effects! It targets the place where there’s extra fat and that is how many people want their treatment to be!