VLCC style statements- All about beauty and skincare!

via VLCC style statements- All about beauty and skincare!


VLCC style statements- All about beauty and skincare!

A few days ago, I visited VLCC in my city, Lucknow, for a fun and informative session about skin care and beauty. And I learnt so many things. I even did a live chat on my Instagram and a lot of you had a lot of questions to ask and all of them will be answered today in this post!


The first and most important thing to do for a healthier skin and body is following a healthy lifestyle. I know it seems impossible for our generation to sleep on time, wake up early and eat healthy food but trust me, your body will thank you once you do this. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, you might not even have to go out of your way to take care of your skin and body, it will do it itself. Here are a few other things you can do to take care of your body –



We spend a lot of time outside in the dirt and dust. And while it is very hard to completely avoid the dust and dirt, you could at least wash your face every time you come back home. And once you have washed it properly with a face wash that suits your skin type, don’t forget to moisturize. Moisturizing is a very important step that we often forget.


If you have some other skin problems like acne, ageing, spots, scars, etc, it is always better to consult an expert rather than trying different products to check which one works well for you.


One very interesting facial that they informed me about was ‘The Vampire facial’. I was so fascinated by this. It is basically for dull and swollen skin. In this, they take platelet rich plasma (PRP) from your own self and apply it to your face with a derma roller.


They also have a lot of services for under eye treatment like Visionergy, which treats the wrinkles and lines around your eye contour area.

Hair Care


Our hair goes through a lot of problems as well like roughness, split ends, damage, etc, and just like our skin needs moisturizing, so does out hair! We can moisturize our hair by massaging with oil once a week.

Another very important thing they told us was hair care for boys. Guys don’t wash their hair as often as they should be which damages their hair a lot. Washing your hair twice or thrice a week is very important.


Also when you apply conditioner after washing your hair, it should only be applied to the ends of your hair. If you apply conditioner to the roots, it will make your scalp oily.


While there are a lot of tips for proper care of your hair and skin, there are also a lot of myths out there. And VLCC helped me bust them.

  1. Removing black heads will not lead to more black heads.
  2. If you are indoor, you might still get tan.
  3. Breakage of grey hair does not leads to more grey hair.
  4. Hair color does not damage your hair.


Q: Waxing VS shaving?
A: The experts told us that waxing is much better than shaving. Shaving leaves a lot of in grown hair which may lead to infections in some cases.

VLCC also offers laser treatments for your body hair.

Q: What brands are best for skin care and hair care?
A: Everybody has a different skin and hair type. We need to find a product that best suits our skin.
We often are attracted towards foreign brands but the truth is that some of those products may not work for you at all. Brands create products according to the climate and conditions of a specific place. And we need to use products made for the climate in our country.

Q: What to do if sun screens do not protect our skin well. Is there any other precaution to take?
A: There is actually a particular time to apply sunscreen. You should apply your sunscreen at 9 A.M first. Then reapply it at 12 noon and then again apply it at 3 P.M.
This way your skin will get maximum protection against the sun.

VLCC Wellness Centre – A Destination For All Your Beauty Needs!

When recently I got the event invite from VLCC, I thought finally I can have a weight loss session with them. That’s the first thing that strike us when we hear about VLCC – Slimming and Weight Loss. But that was proved wrong when I attended the beauty and personal care session event with the VLCC experts at their centre in Bangalore.

Beauty Services

We received the warmest welcome by the entire VLCC team. They were much courteous too. I can see the posters related to skin, hair etc. along with some refreshments like fruit bowl, cupcakes etc. The entire ambience was quite warm and friendly as I sat along with my fellow bloggers who were as much intrigued as me. Once the session started with the entrance of specialist we got to know more about the services offered by VLCC Wellness Centre and about all the issues they deal with in the centre. As it’s summer the main talk was on sun protection regimes, later on followed by hair fall issues, acne and weight management, which was followed by a complimentary hand and foot massage to all of us. Not just that they do even offer services like Beauty services, Salon services, Laser & Dermat services. They have beauty products line which includes facial kits, skin whitening products, sun protection, anti ageing products, lip balms etc.


The most trendiest facial is been done at VLCC – Vampire Facial. I was bit surprised when I came to know that. Vampire Facial is famous because of Kardashians which is nothing but a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) a form of blood taken out from your skin and applied to your face with derma roller which encourages cellular growth, stimulates healing and imparts a youthful appearance of skin. Treatments like Derma Heal Eye Treatment to reduce visible signs of ageing and Visionergy to minimise superficial signs of ageing is done even.

Hair Fall

I am glad to know that VLCC is not just a slimming and weight loss centre; it is a one stop destination for all our Beauty and personal care needs from skin, hair to body.


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Beauty Queries Answered by Experts at VLCC Nagpur Bloggers Meet

Nagpur’s popular hair, skin and slimming center at VLCC was the venue for an interactive beauty Q&A #vlccstylestatements session. Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers got together at VLCC Nagpur for an enlightening talk on popular beauty queries and cutting edge advancements in skin and hair care. I put forth a number of questions on behalf of DCW India readers and Sushmita Verma, Category Head – Beauty, was happy to answer them all! I list here for you all your beauty concerns answered.


VLCC for Slimming Only?

Before we move on to the beauty queries, let us get this straight once and for all. Debunking the popular myth, the meet opened up VLCC’s scope of work for everyone! Check out their state of the art massage rooms and pedicure stations below.


From a simple pedicure starting from INR 500+, facials upwards of INR 800+ to their Medavita hair treatments, they have answers to all your queries – and with a devoted personalized solution just for your skin or hair. From minimally invasive, non-surgical anti-aging treatments to the popular Vampire facials for de-pigmentation, they offer them all. The costs involved cleared another myth about VLCC that they are beyond the reach of our wallets. Quite the opposite, we say!


Expert Solutions for Your Beauty Queries

Many of you who connect with DCW India and Fabulous Mom Life on social media put forth your beauty concerns. Sushmita Verma took them up one by one with VLCC Nagpur head Sapna Saxena joining her. Here’s what they had to say.

  1. Is sunscreen required indoors too?

Yes! Even the rays emitted from the lights in your house can tan you. Not only is applying sunscreen a must, it is also important to re-apply sunscreen every few hours because a sunscreen only works for a few hours depending upon its SPF. If you use a scarf/cloth to cover your face when out in the sun, make sure to wash the cloth regularly. Additionally, go for anti-tan scrubs and moisturizing facials.


  1. Frizzy hair in Indian summers.

The reason your hair is frizzy is because it lacks moisture. Using a good conditioner the right way – that is not on the scalp but on the length of the hair.


  1. Remedies for Damaged Hair

Other than keeping your hair clean, taking care of it with massages and hair spa treatments, VLCC also has a superior hair treatment called Medavita which combats dry, damaged hair as well as hair fall.


  1. Tips for Oily Skin

Do not be under the impression that washing your skin several times a day helps with the oil on your face. Moisturizing is important for oily skin too. Use a water or gel based moisturizer as well as a sunscreen. Exfoliate regularly and keep your skin clean.


  1. Under eye dark circles

It is important to find out the reason why you have dark circles. It could be because of lack of sleep or even hereditary factors. The Visionergy treatment specifically targets under eye circles, puffiness and signs of aging.


  1. Major hair fall after childbirth

Hair fall after childbirth is not a generic problem and differs from person to person. Lactation and deficiencies post pregnancy vary and only through a test can the best solution for each person be determined. Dietary supplements along with hair treatments like Hair PRP and Derma Rollers are recommended.


  1. Cracked Heels in summer

A Paraffin Wax pedicure or an at-home pedicure kit by VLCC is the best way to cure cracked heels.


  1. Beginning skincare post 30 when you haven’t cared for it at all so far

Begin a CTM routine i.e. cleansing, toning and moisturizing, ASAP. There cannot be a time soon enough to start this routine. Follow the routine without fail every day and you will start seeing a difference in your skin very soon.


What Makes VLCC Stand Out


It was very clear after the session that VLCC aces the beauty industry because of their one-on-one approach. None of their skin or beauty care solutions were ‘cookie cutter’ or generic. Their emphasis on the required tests to find out more about your skin, scalp, lifestyle and even hereditary factors before performing even the simplest of facials says a lot about how well they use advancements in skincare technologies to deliver a complete wellness solution. VLCC has a great service to start with. It is called a DNA Skin service. It shows what your skin and hair is pre-disposed to.



The next thing was at the competitive prices that they have, they are providing superlative service. Hygiene is very important for correct skincare and VLCC does not skimp on it. For example, they use disposable sheets for you to lie upon even for a basic level clean up costing around INR 500. They are stringent about not using any kind of towels or cloth on your face. They only use disposable tissues, cotton, gowns, headbands and sheets for all their services.

VLCC Style Statements With VLCC Experts

We were a part of a fun and an interesting session with the VLCC experts at their Worli Branch in Mumbai. I go to know about all the different products that are ideal for the summers ahead for your face and body, hair and skin.

VLCC believes in tackling any skin problem or hair problem by understanding the exact root cause and by treating all the problems separately with solutions targeted towards that particular person only. I had jotted down all your questions and I asked the VLCC experts for the answers to your questions. Please find them below:

  • Maliha had asked about her dry and wavy hair concerns – The VLCC expert suggested that you should firstly get your scalp and hair checked and basis the problems decide a hair care routine. One of the sure ways to tackle dry hair is their newest “med vita” range, which takes care of the frizz.
  • (Intsa handle a sweet gal) had asked about how to stop or prevent hair fall and the medivita hair treatment which consists of a deep nourishing shampoo and conditioner is ideal for your situation. Also, make sure to stay away from overusing of heating tools.


  • Nazaali had asked about what should a person do if she gets pimples post using a moisturizer? The VLCC expert suggests that you follow a C-T-M routine daily. You should clean, tone and then moisturize your face, that way you will notice a visible difference in your skin texture and pimples will be reduced too.


  • Sujata had asked about how to achieve clear skin and one way to surely give it a try is to indulge in a Belle wave Hydra moist infusion mask by VLCC as that hydrates your skin and adds a natural glow.


  • Little Princess had also concerns about how to manage rough hair. They suggest you opt for hair spa at least once a month and use a serum that tames your rough hair. Plus ensure that you are getting adequate sleep and are consuming enough water.


  • Lastly Kashifah had a question about how can she maintain her normal skin and keep it glowing. You can opt for fruit facials that add a natural radiance and yet protect your skin from the pollution around us. VLCC has a papaya fruit facial, which is my personal favourite.


I also interacted with their make-up expert Reshma who gave my eyes a complete glam makeover using some deep gold eye shadow mixed with bold Smokey eyes. You can see the make-up difference from my other pics and these ones post the make-over.


While chatting up with Reshma she highlighted how easy it is to achieve a party or a glam look by just changing your eye make-up. Drop by at your nearest VLCC centre to know all about VLCC Style Statements right from facials to mani-pedis, hair treatments, make-up and skin care that are tailor made for you and only YOU!!!