Not just another slimming Centre VLCC Style Statements

Am I the only one who thought of VLCC as a place that mysteriously helps people slim down tons of weight in the least amount of time?
With their marketing campaigns, and the movie Badhai ho Badhai, Anil Kapoors fat to fit stunt was their shot to fame in my head. Clear about being the best slimming Centre ever!
Although I have been noticing their increasing presence in the beauty products segment, available in lead stores. I didn’t take them quite seriously. Until the recent #VLCCStyleStatement event.

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From the latest Vampire facial, Kardashian favourite to the changing trends in skin & hair industry. They seemed to not just know but actually provide all the services across India. Be it Medivita which is a hair care expert therapy, to eyelash extensions, VLCC has got the global beauty updates right here for us.


At this recent meet up with Pune’s biggest bloggers was a fun session on beauty, skin, hair & nail care. We discussed all our skin queries, and the answers were much beyond “drink lots of water” luckily! From the ideal beauty regime to the nutrition our bodies need to have good skin and hair team VLCC covered it all.


What’s a fun meet up without a goodie bag with products I couldn’t stop gushing about. I used their Diamond Facial Kit from the goodie bag, had also received their detox green tea & a shape up oil which I am eager to use.


The diamond facial kit gave me supple glowing skin in six easy steps, judging by their product range and this event, Jugni & Co. highly recommend the beauty & care services at VLCC India.


VLCC Style Statements Event to unlock fresh take on hair, skin & beauty care tomorrow

Good news for all those style enthusiasts. Nagpur will be witnessing one of its kind bloggers event on hair, skin and Beauty. The event will be hosted by VLCC at its Nagpur centre on May 5 from 12 to 2 pm. Top bloggers from the community will be participating in the event and get to know the finer nuances and latest updates in the segment.

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The event is designed to provide consumers with information on the latest trends in beauty and wellness. The event has been a pleasant success and helped girls in 9 different cities with enchanting beauty celebrities like Ena Saha and Mahathalli graced this event. So be sure you reach on time because no one would want to miss taking a class of how to pamper yourself with all the hair, skin and beauty tips.


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Meanwhile, join us at the VLCC wellness centre to get the scoop on the newest trends, insider tips and tricks, skin and hair care consultations, free services and exclusive gifts. VLCC is committed to providing all girls with an event that allows them to learn more about their natural hair and beauty. Many girls abandon the notion of a proper skincare routine because they do not know where to start from, here comes the way! Attendees of this event, can expect to see and style demonstrations in Hair, skin, nails and body care.


There’s a saying “One should be beautiful from the inside, not necessarily from the outside” WE SAY WHY NOT BOTH!!! Hope to see you all indulging in self-care 5th May.