VLCC Style Statements Mumbai Bloggers Meet

“Being nourished is beautiful”

Indeed beauty is fragile and keeping it nourished is the best way to retain its grace. With the right ingredients and the right amount of pampering, the goodness in our skin is radiated and it gets the best. Regularly indulging in skin care regime will be beneficial for our skin and it will also enhance its beauty.


The best part was that I reached on time after long, but we had to wait for another 20 minutes till all the other bloggers arrive. In the meanwhile, they introduced us to all the people behind the meet that was fun. Got to learn about their thoughts and ideas on the new concepts and techniques.

ridal Makeup Services , Dermatology Treatments

The ambiance of the center was professional and neat. I liked the organization that seemed soothing and calm. Later, we were introduced by Ms. Reshma who was the person behind the idea of this meet. She is an incredibly beautiful lady and I must thank her for all the techniques and concepts that she conceptualized for us bloggers.


We were initially introduced to a Demo and discussion of Hair Treatment, Nail Extension, Eyelash Extension, and Skin Treatment. This knowledgeable session was enlightening and I am happy to learn a lot from the same.

VLCC Beauty Services range from Salon, Laser & Dermat. VLCC slimming services is among the very popular ones. Also, they have various other services for:-

Beauty Treatments , Makeup Salon

  • Under Eye (Derma Heal Eye Treatment): This Eye Filler treatment is formulated with bio-actives to reduce any visible signs of ageing and wrinkle filling around the eye area.
  • Eyes (Visionary): Visionary treatment is useful when you want to tackle problems around the eye contour area. Deep penetration of potent actives into the skin promotes regeneration for an amazing skin transformation. It reduces signs of aging and also prevents any skin flaws formation in future making it look firmer, plumper and radiant. The treatment revitalizes the entire eye areas by reducing wrinkles & lines and targets eye bags & puffiness.
  • Face (Vampire Facelift): This VLCC beauty treatment is best advised for someone with dull and sallow skin. Vampire Facelift uses blood plasma from your own self and applies it to the face using derma roller. The process boosts cellular growth, healing and thus gives a youthful appearance to one’s skin. This can be combined with other beauty treatments such as micro needling with radio frequency, Chemical Peels, Botox, Derma rollers or Thread lift.


I selected the Haircut service for myself and a VLCC professional did a Layered Cut for me to suit face structure. He said this cut will suit my face and enhance its beauty. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, which was followed by hair wash and an outward curls’ blow-dry session. I was immensely satisfied and the look blended with my personality so much that everyone liked it and complimented me. All the credits go to the VLCC Team for this wondrous session. I have also heard a lot about VLCC vampire facial and will love to try it.


Don’t be afraid of looking good. Be afraid of Not!

I have always admired celebrities for their looks and the way they carry themselves. At times, I used to wonder what they do to maintain themselves. The answer to this question and many others were given by VLCC. VLCC is a name known to all is mostly associated with slimming services. Not many people know that they are a pioneer in beauty and salon services as well. The Vampire facial which all celebrities swear was brought in India by VLCC. You ask me from where I get all this info?


Recently, we visited the plush beauty center of the brand at Vasant Vihar for an experiential. During our experiential, we were briefed about the brand, its belief, and plethora of services they had to offer. We had super fun pampering time with pedicure and foot massage. The brand also enlightened us about the derma based treatment which is popular among women. Women these days are more conscious about skin and product which they are using to make it better.

Don_t be afraid of looking good. Be afraid of Not!

VLCC is also expertise in PRP which is platelet-rich plasma where your blood sample is taken and applied to your face with derma rollers. This helps in cell growth which results in youthful appearance of your skin. If you are the one who wants celebrity like skin then now you know where you need the go. It was an amazing experiential with lots of chit chat and skin care education. Feeling excited? I have a discount coupon code for you. So, enjoy the services at VLCC and stay beautiful.

VLCC Style Statements Event to unlock fresh take on hair, skin & beauty care tomorrow

Good news for all those style enthusiasts. Nagpur will be witnessing one of its kind bloggers event on hair, skin and Beauty. The event will be hosted by VLCC at its Nagpur centre on May 5 from 12 to 2 pm. Top bloggers from the community will be participating in the event and get to know the finer nuances and latest updates in the segment.

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The event is designed to provide consumers with information on the latest trends in beauty and wellness. The event has been a pleasant success and helped girls in 9 different cities with enchanting beauty celebrities like Ena Saha and Mahathalli graced this event. So be sure you reach on time because no one would want to miss taking a class of how to pamper yourself with all the hair, skin and beauty tips.


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Meanwhile, join us at the VLCC wellness centre to get the scoop on the newest trends, insider tips and tricks, skin and hair care consultations, free services and exclusive gifts. VLCC is committed to providing all girls with an event that allows them to learn more about their natural hair and beauty. Many girls abandon the notion of a proper skincare routine because they do not know where to start from, here comes the way! Attendees of this event, can expect to see and style demonstrations in Hair, skin, nails and body care.


There’s a saying “One should be beautiful from the inside, not necessarily from the outside” WE SAY WHY NOT BOTH!!! Hope to see you all indulging in self-care 5th May.

VLCC Acquires Vanity Cube To Strengthen Foothold In On Demand Beauty Segment

Delhi-based VanityCube was founded in 2014, by Renu Bisht and Pragya Upadhyay in 2014. The startup operates as a B2B & B2C on demand Beauty Services platform. While the B2C model caters only to women and provides basic services like facial, waxing, makeup, hair whereas the B2B model includes tying up with the corporates.


On the other hand, VLCC was founded by Vandana Luthra as a beauty and slimming services centre in 1989. As per an official statement, the company has over 4,000 employees, including professionals such as doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and cosmetologists.

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The VLCC Health Care Limited was incorporated in 1996. It has a presence in over 300 locations across 121 cities and 16 countries with direct company-managed operations in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait as per company’s LinkedIn page.


As per the ET report, VanityCube claims to have served over 50,000 customers in Delhi and Mumbai. Also, it pegs the entire acquisition, integration, and category development cost for the company to be around $15.5 Mn (INR 100 Cr).


An email sent to VLCC spokesperson did not elicit a response at the time of publication.

As per a source close to the development, “VLCC will be able to rapidly scale-up these services. There is currently no clear market leader in the on-demand beauty services space. The plan is to expand the reach of these services to 10 cities in the next 18 months.”


As per a recent report by Deloitte and Confederation of Indian Industry, ‘Increasing awareness and growing aspirations of consumers to look good has opened up the Beauty and Wellness market. Currently, it is estimated at $6.5 Bn with a focus of moving the sector towards a more organised space. This sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24% in the next 10 years posing huge growth opportunities for FMCG and other companies.’


Amazon India also forayed into on demand beauty segment in December 2016. At that time, it was reported that Amazon offered a slew of services, including pedicure, manicure, waxing, and threading across 15 localities in Bengaluru. From standalone players like Vyomo (now rebranded as Naturals@Home after raising $15Mn from salon chain Naturals in April 2016), MyGlamm, Zapluk (now merged with Pamperazi), Belita (now acquired by Enrich Salons), Stayglad, and Stylofie to home services players like UrbanClap, Housejoy, Zimmber, are close to 30 startups in the on-demand beauty sector.