VLCC Day Spa Event Review

Jasmine. Mogra. Rose. No, I am not checking my memory for names of flowers but these were the aromas I smelt when I walked into the VLCC Day Spa and Salon, Vasant Vihar for their special VLCC Style Statement event. The eyes were met with a bunch of girls getting a funky nail art session which was really tempting. One could just google a nail art picture and voila! These experts can reproduce it on your nail. It was a treat to meet the cheerful hostesses like the centre manager and marketing head Sushmita Verma, so I was pretty sure that I was in for a soothing, relaxing and knowledgeable two hour. The centre was spread across 2 floors in the posh Basant Lok complex of Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. It has all the modern facilities for a spa and salon like make-up, nail art, laser treatments, body treatments etc. You name it, they have it right at your command. One might think it is a very girly thing, but interestingly 30% of their customers are men, who are equally concerned about their body too.


VLCC was started by one of India’s first women entrepreneurs; Vandana Luthra who is now a renowned figure in the beauty and wellness industry. VLCC which is spread across 127 locations, is traditionally known for their weight loss treatments, but now is a famous brand in the beauty and wellness sector. A little-known fact that, the famous Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial treatment, wherein your protein-rich blood plasma is used to even out the skin tone and ageing signs were, in fact, introduced first in India by VLCC. Now they have expanded their services to complement every aspect of your body like preventive anti-ageing treatments, Laser treatments, Spa treatments, Hair and make-up…. the list is long. Not to mention their standards in hygiene and safety are comparable to any top-class salon-spa in India. No salon or spa can ever be successful without the staff, and VLCC is proof of that because their staff is very courteous and professional.


Apart from these wonderful sights and smells, we even got to learn some new and latest techniques to enhance the way you look and feel. One of the biggest concerns which any person, men and women alike have is that how can one prevent ageing and wrinkles? While the natural process of ageing would occur no matter what but all we can do is to delay it as much as possible. So, here at VLCC they help reduce the ageing signs through a thorough skin test to check your skin type and suggest a variety of treatments like chemical peels, Thermage, products diet and even lifestyle changes to help you achieve your goal. For those of us who are worried about the sagging under-eye and puffiness, the Derma heal eye mask treatment is highly recommended, so much so that one 30-minute session would help reduce the signs of ageing around the eyes.

Spa Services

With so much of pollution and stress plaguing us, it takes a toll on our skin in the form of pigmentation, darkening and dullness. They have a variety of treatments like the Extra Lightening Glutathione, where the glutathione serum is added to your skin using Derma rollers to lighten your skin tone up to two shades in just one sitting. They are even bringing in the famous Q switch laser treatment for pigmentation and scar removal in India.


Still not satisfied? Then their ultimate Thermage radiofrequency treatment reduces the appearance of those lines or acne marks on our faces, troublesome cellulite or bulges on our bodies and uplifts the eyes almost instantaneously. There is something for keeping those tresses pretty too; the Met beta treatment which is a two-hour treatment helps arresting hair fall, dandruff and scalp sebum. VLCC takes pride in being the only salon to be providing this treatment in the country.